A Call for Psychedelic Education

The people of Colorado voted ‘YES’ on Proposition 122. In two weeks, using, gifting, and purchasing psilocybin, DMT, ibogaine, and mescaline will be decriminalized all across the state. This proposition is seen as a significant victory for the psychedelic legalization movement. But now, many Coloradans are wondering what will come next.

The passage of Proposition 122 gives us new options for healing. Although psychedelic substances have been used for centuries, Coloradans lack a basic understanding of how to use the medicines they are now allowed to purchase. This shortfall can be seen in how these substances are often misunderstood or used to exploit others. As we move forward, community outreach and education will be necessary to help people understand the effects of these psychedelics and how to use them safely. 

For the successful implementation of Proposition 122, Colorado needs state-wide psychedelic education to provide people with accurate information. Creating a comprehensive program is a massive undertaking. The first steps include obtaining funding, developing a curriculum, and training educators. Involving all stakeholders in creating and implementing these programs will be essential. I will continue to offer all bodies a safe space for learning, connecting, and healing. Ultimately, I want to collaborate as a community to educate and create safe spaces to heal Coloradans and visitors from across the globe. 

Published by Ashley Ryan, M.S.

Ashley, aka "The Naughty Professor," is an intimacy, somatics, and psychedelics Coach who earned her M.S. from Colorado State University. She is also a somatic educator, certified Tantric wellness practitioner, and ordained minister. Ashley wrote “Let’s Talk About Sex on Magic Mushrooms: A Guide for Lovers” to help fill the world with more love and pleasure.

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