About Me

My Journey into Tantra Led to Happiness. Our society is plagued with shame. We do not feel worthy of joy. I suffered the negative effects of these thoughts most of my life. My body carries scars from trauma. I experienced chronic illness, physical pain, addiction, anxiety, and depression as a result. I felt lost and broken.

Studying Tantric wellness, Yoga, Reiki, mindfulness, meditation, and dance led to empowerment. My experiences with alternative lifestyles opened doors to erotic awakening. Plant medicine offered mental, physical, and spiritual healing. Learning how to identify and claim pleasure gave me new opportunities. Now, I am healthy and in-control of my powerful sexual energy.

Our experiences help us learn, grow, and ultimately share the wisdom we’ve gained. Life has guided me towards this calling. I love teaching others to embrace their inner wisdom and healing powers.

Let’s work together.

The teaching and coaching methods I practice are research-based. Touch is always consensual, intentional, and empowering. I ensure confidentiality, honesty, integrity, and competence. I am committed to the health, well-being, and safety of my clients.