Psychedelic Transformation

Psychedelics are powerful substances that can be used to promote personal growth and transformation. They have been used for centuries in many cultures around the world, often as part of spiritual or religious rituals. In recent years, they have become popular among people who want to explore their inner consciousness and make changes in their lives. Psychedelic experiences can provide insights into our thoughts, feelings, and behavior patterns that we may not otherwise be aware of. These insights can help us gain clarity on what is important to us and how best to pursue it. Using psychedelics safely and intentionally can empower individuals to embark on journeys of self-discovery that lead to lasting transformation in all aspects of life.

How To Find A Good Psychedelic Guide

Psychedelic therapy is increasingly being used to treat a number of mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, and addiction. Psychedelics help people explore their thoughts and feelings more deeply and in an unfiltered manner. These natural medicines can offer an altered state of consciousness that is conducive to healing.  A psychedelic guide, or facilitator, isContinue reading “How To Find A Good Psychedelic Guide”

A Call for Psychedelic Education

The passage of Proposition 122 gives us new options for healing. Although psychedelic substances have been used for centuries, Coloradans lack a basic understanding of how to use the medicines they are now allowed to purchase. This shortfall can be seen in how these substances are often misunderstood or used to exploit others. As we move forward, community outreach and education will be necessary to help people understand the effects of these psychedelics and how to use them safely. 

Too Much. Too Soon. Too Dangerous. Vote NO on 122.

Colorado will have a decriminalized underground drug market in less than a month if Proposition 122 passes. I volunteered for Natural Medicine Colorado over the past eight months. The more I learned, the more my stomach churned over what 122 could mean for Coloradans. First, I agree with these two campaign talking points: psilocybin helpsContinue reading “Too Much. Too Soon. Too Dangerous. Vote NO on 122.”

Why My Conscience Is Voting NO on Colorado Proposition 122: Access to Natural Psychedelics Substances (Blue Book Title)

“More Mushrooms, Less Patriarchy” is the rallying cry I displayed at Denver’s Womxn’s March. I’ve been reflecting heavily on whether 122 upholds this core belief. Psychedelics have the potential to create powerful personal and spiritual transformations. However, these drugs can also be used to exploit and control others. After repeated readings of 122, discussions withContinue reading “Why My Conscience Is Voting NO on Colorado Proposition 122: Access to Natural Psychedelics Substances (Blue Book Title)”

Psychedelic Education: Why Colorado Needs to Catch Up

Colorado has been at the forefront of the psychedelic movement in recent years. In 2019, Denver voters decriminalized psilocybin. This November, Coloradans will vote on the Natural Medicine Health Act, a ballot proposition aimed at both legalizing a medical model and decriminalizing recreational use of psychedelics. For Colorado to reap the benefits of a possibleContinue reading Psychedelic Education: Why Colorado Needs to Catch Up

How Psychedelics Can Help Deepen Your Sexual Experience

Intimacy is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. It’s what keeps us connected to our partner, and allows us to feel close. However, for many people, intimacy can be difficult to achieve. This may be due to a lack of trust, fear of vulnerability, or simply not knowing how to connect with oneself on a deeper level. If you’re looking for ways to improve intimacy with yourself and partner, psychedelics may be the answer.

Psychedelic Intimacy: Communication, Consent, and Contact

Let’s talk about enhancing intimacy and pleasure in altered states! What are the best-practices for physical contact on psychedelic journeys with friends and lovers? Why explore consent and pleasure? How do we communicate our desires while learning and respecting other people’s boundaries? Join us for engaging discussions and activities to examine living in consent withContinue reading Psychedelic Intimacy: Communication, Consent, and Contact

5 Things Empowered Adults Do

Secondary school didn’t prepare most of us to be confident, sexually empowered adults. Anatomy and physiology, personal identity, evaluating consent, and analyzing healthy relationships are recent additions to sex education curriculum. In 2012, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, a non-profit policy advocacy organization, published the Future of Sex Education Initiative, aContinue reading “5 Things Empowered Adults Do”