5 Science-Backed Tantric Secrets

Relying on the Kama Sutra to heat-up a romance? You’re missing out on the ancient erotic wisdom science is proving accurate!  Research shows us that many of Tantra’s pleasure and intimacy building tools are highly effective. Experimenting with breath, sound, movement, imagination, and touch builds and expands the capacity for pleasure. Caffyn Jesse, author ofContinue reading “5 Science-Backed Tantric Secrets”

Tantric Transformation

Psychedelic mushrooms, Greek for mind-manifesting, have been used as a sacramental substance by humans for thousands of years. In fact, the Stoned Ape theory proposes magic mushrooms sparked the evolution of our species. Before the Spanish prohibited their use in the 16th century, the Native peoples of Mexico used Psilocybin mushrooms in religious ceremonies andContinue reading “Tantric Transformation”