How To Find A Good Psychedelic Guide

Psychedelic facilitation is increasingly being used to help people overcome a number of mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, and addiction. Psychedelics help people explore their thoughts and feelings more deeply and in an unfiltered manner. These natural medicines can offer an altered state of consciousness that is conducive to healing. 

A psychedelic guide, or facilitator, is someone who has personal experience with psychedelics. They offer safety, support, and guidance before, during, and after a psychedelic experience. Natural medicine facilitators aid in promoting positive outcomes, while minimizing negative consequences. They provide a comfortable and nurturing setting for a user to explore altered states of consciousness in a judgment-free space. A psychedelic guide takes an active approach by guiding users towards achieving their goals with preparation, intention setting, empathetic communication, resilience support, reassuring touch, flexible direction, and integration services.

There are many other benefits to using a psychedelic guide. They also serve as educators by providing safety information, explaining different uses and effects of psychedelics, and helping you get the most out of your psychedelic experience. 

When looking for a psychedelic guide, it is important to find someone who you can trust. A good psychedelic guide will have personal experience with the psychedelics you are interested in trying, and be able to provide accurate information about the effects of those substances. They should also help you prepare for and navigate your psychedelic experience.

How to find a good psychedelic guide:

• Ask around – Talk to your friends and family members who may have had a positive experience with a psychedelic guide.

• Look online – Perform a web search. Verify that the psychedelic guide you discover is reputable. 

• Check reviews – Read reviews from people who have used the services of a particular guide before making your decision.

Published by Ashley Ryan, M.S.

Ashley is an educator and coach who earned her M.S. from Colorado State University.

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